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Transtympanic steroid injection

transtympanic steroid injection

05/11/ · Transtympanic steroids for treatment of sudden hearing loss. Tympanic Membrane Perforation After Intratympanic Steroid Injection: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, p. CrossRef; Google Scholar; Lyu, Yanlu Zeng, Fanqian Yan, Min Zhou, Zhou Zhang, Wei Liu, Ming and Ke, Chaoyang Comparison of 2 03/02/ · The benefit of intratympanic compared to systemic treatment is the reduced systemic steroid exposure and associated systemic adverse effects. Intratympanic corticosteroid administration may have potential benefits over standard systemic therapies. The proposed study is a prospective, randomized superiority trial Objective: The present trial is aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of early transtympanic steroid injection in patients with 'poor prognosis' idiopathic sensorineural sudden hearing loss (ISSHL). Methods: Seventy-six patients, diagnosed as having ISSHL with 'poor prognosis', were randomized into a transtympanic group and a control group transtympanic steroid injection

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