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Painful steroid injection

painful steroid injection

Joint injections contain hydrocortisone, a type of steroid called a corticosteroid, which slowly suppresses the chemicals that cause inflammation. This is different from an anabolic steroid, which is the type that helps increase your muscle mass. A consultant carries out an intra-articular injection where the hydrocortisone is injected directly into your joint A steroid injection includes both a corticosteroid (e.g., triamcinolone, methylprednisolone, dexamethasone) and an anesthetic numbing agent (e.g., lidocaine or bupivacaine). The drugs are delivered to the painful joint, inside the joint capsule. Corticosteroid injections can reduce inflammation and can be effective when delivered directly into the painful area. The pain relief can last from  · In conclusion, steroid injection is a successful first-line intervention for the treatment of trigger digit, especially in the thumb. The total efficacy of the steroid injections was 66% in the study. There was statistically a greater success of the injections in treating the thumb compared with other fingers. The severity of the condition at presentation, the presence of a nodule at the site Location: Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD

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